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fruit smoosh

March 04, 2017

I decided to make smoothies today.

We looked in books. We wrote down ingredients. We missed out the spinach. Then Dad went to get it while I was at dance.

When I got back I had lunch then I made smoothies.

Strawberry, Banana, Mango and Peach smoothie served with physalis shaped like flowers (serves 3)

1) get 6 of your strawberries chop the top off (ps careful knives are sharp thank you xxx)

2) get your adult to chop a mango or chop it yourself if you are an adult

3) peel and chop a banana

4) put them all in a blender or hand blender as we did it

5) pour in some peach juice and some oat milk or other milk

6) blend, blend, blend

7) pour it into glasses

In process

Finished masterpiece