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123 Fudge

January 04, 2017

Hi, I haven’t done any blogs since the summer. I am still doing my blog but I have just been very busy. Here is one today.

It is 123 Fudge.

This is how you make it.

  1. Put 1 cup icing sugar (250ml) in a bowl

  2. Put 2tbsp (30ml) cordial in the same bowl and stir until it is like icing

  3. Melt 50g df white chocolate very slowly and carefully in the microwave and tip it in the bowl with everything else and stir then smooth into a tin. The end.

I used sloe and raspberry cordial which makes it go pink.

My mum made it with chestnut liqueur and brown chocolate for grown ups.

Yummy yum

Pink fudge!