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Martha's Top 10 Festival Treats

August 07, 2016

Hi it is Martha here.

I am writing this post because I like food. But it is sometimes hard to find dairy free foods. It is especially hard when a place is new to you because you don’t already know where things are. At the moment it is the Festival so there are lots of people in Edinburgh who don’t know it very well. There might be some other dairy free people too and this list might help them to get some extra special dairy free treats. It is a list of my top 10.

1)Yo Sushi  In Yo Sushi the train is really fun. You can choose your sushi from it, and there are lots of dairy free choices. And there are push-y taps on the tables that water and fizzy water come from. They have chopsticks, and kiddy chopsticks and it is OK to use your fingers too. In the middle you can watch the chefs cooking.

2) Luca’s Sorbet You can get Luca’s sorbet in different flavours. I have tried lemon, mango and bubblegum (but not all together - bleurgh). On their own the flavours are yummy and there are others I have not tried yet. They also make lots of flavours of ice cream too, but they are not dairy free. There is a special Luca’s shop in Morningside, and they sell it in other places including Mimi’s Cake Cabin, and sometimes Mimi’s have a dairy free cake choice too, so it is worth asking.

Mango at Luca’s

Lemon at the Mimi’s festival hut

3) Henderson’s All of the food in Henderson’s is either vegetarian or vegan, and all of the vegan things are dairy free. So there are always choices of cake, salad, sandwiches, soup and hot things. The date slice is my favourite thing to have there, and my Mummy’s favourite thing is the soup. There is a Henderson’s in the city centre and another one near Dynamic Earth [- and not far from the Pleasance - Mum!]

4) Pie Maker This shop sells all kinds of pies. They have both sweet and savoury ones that are dairy free and vegan. In the festival it is open until really late at night. There are a few seats in the shop and you can takeaway too. It would be good for picnics. The one that I had was apple.

It’s over there…

5) Dumpling Hut The little hut in George Square Gardens only sells vegan dumplings. They are very crispy fried, and you dip them into special soy sauce. They are amazing for lunch.

Definitely thumbs up!

6) Sugar Daddy’s All of the things in Sugar Daddy cake shop are gluten free and lots of them are dairy free too. The peanut butter cookie is fandabbydosy. I had it for my breakfast when we went away on a big car journey to go on holiday - that was fun!

7) The Baked Potato Shop If you go here you can get veggie haggis baked potatoes. Or humous and crunchy salad. [There are lots of other choices too which are all veggie, and lots vegan - Mum]. They are very uber big. It is mainly a take away - they also have exciting juice flavours in their fridge.

8) La Favorita If you get your pizza from La Favorita, you can have dairy free cheese on it. mmmmmmmm mmmmmm. My favourite topping is haggis, sweetcorn and dairy free cheese. (They do takeaway, delivery and have a sit-in restaurant too - Mum)

Takeaway pizza feast (the night we moved house!)

9) Mademoiselle Macaron I only tried these yesterday - and there were lots of rainbow colours and flavours. There were 2 that were dairy free: raspberry and orange - so I got to try them both! I give them 20 out of 10.

Look out for market stalls - they also have a cafe

10) Union of Genius This is a soup cafe. It has different types of soup and different types of bread which you can choose. And you can easily see which ones are dairy free. You have to be careful because it can be hot hot hot hot hot!