Martha's Munches

Learning how to make Frittata

October 01, 2017

For my home learning I had to lern a life skill and I chose to cook frittata.

It was delicious and healthy.

  1. tear your carbahidrat into a cake tin (carbohydrate - bread, potato, pasta) - I used bread

  2. crack six eggs into a bowl and pick out the shell

  3. season with salt and pepper and add a splash of oatmilk then whisk

  4. add some flavour of your choice to the bread I chose some leftover beef and vegtble curry

  5. tip the egg into the tin and cook for 30mins at 170C in the oven

Bits I have to improve are cracking eggs.

Flavours that I want to try next time are one sweet and one savoury.

The savoury one first is chicken, tomato and pasta. The sweet one is pain au chocolate and mango.

I typed up to the end of the recipe and then my mum typed the last four lines whilst I said the words.