Martha's Munches

Super Sticks!

November 09, 2018

Hi it is me Martha posting about my things on sticks cookbook. I have made this recipe book to fundraise for The Yard, a charity that has a very big adventure playpark in Edinburgh and it’s made for all children. I want to thank everyone who gave me a recipe, but especially my friends including Peter, Oliver and Adam, and my family, especially Torr.

You can buy my cookbook online (using the link at the end of this message) or Trinity Primary School Winter Fair on the 22nd of November or 4th & 4thA Brownie & 104th Edinburgh Scout Christmas Fair at the Scout Hall on South Trinity Road on the 24th of November or from my mum or dad… or from me! It costs £6 and the money goes to The Yard.

Buy the cookbook online here!

I have made a playlist for you to listen to - every song relates to one of the recipes. All of the songs are suitable for children and grown-ups.