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2020 megamega mix

January 04, 2021

Hi it’s me I have horribly neglected my blog recently. I am really sorry it’s been a busy year . With home school school and life but i will try hard to get into it . So i thought it would be a good plan to do a recap of who I am as it has been five years since the last one .This blog will also be a top bits from 2020 ,let’s get going

Name :Martha

Age: 10

Fav food : bao buns

I heart :Ginger and cherry AKA my guinea pigs

Fav hobbies: french horn arial origami and whiteling sewing

Top twos of 2020

Top two books

1. Hilda’s sparrow scout badge guide luek person

2. harry potter 4 5 6 and 7 j.k rowling

Top two audio books

1. Hetty feather series jacline wilson

2. Christmassaures and the winter witch tom fletcher

Top two songs

1. coco and the butterfields (the best band ) night avenue

2. kate rusby maybe tomorrow

Top two series

1. Hilda seris 2

2. The sewing bee

Top two films

1. Lady and the tramp

2. cool runnings

Top two places

1. starbank parck

2. achnasheen

Top two games

1. sushi roll

2. harry potter battle of hogwarts

So that is the end of this blog i will post soon bye martha xxx